The Maree Duplex

The Maree Duplex
The house next door, owned by a self-proclaimed hoarder, hit the market three years later and Nneka had to have that one, too. There were whispers of the neighbors separating and the neighbor wanted to relocate out of state so Nneka submitted an offer within two days of hearing the news.
The Jenkins closed on the house next door one day before the Bay Area was ordered to shelter-in-place due to Covid-19. Friends and family told them not to buy a $900,000 home and save their money in preparation for the world ending, but Calvin and Nneka stood firm and pushed forward.
Now, the home has been converted from a single-family home to a duplex thanks to the help of their amazing contractor, Deacon, and designer, Leslie. The units rent on Airbnb and while the couple’s youngest child is still under the age of 1, they’re able to have a live-in au pair rent out the top unit.
Excited for what comes next, they are hard at work getting plans together for the exterior of the duplex with their landscapers, Evan and Rosie, who have amazing ideas for the space. Pictures will be added here with the corn hole, horseshoe, and rentable air stream are all in place!


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